DATES: 4-8 JUNE 2018

The target of the stay was to broaden learning techniques that are based on divergent and convergent thinking, problem-based learning, encourage their creativity and assess the success of the results.

At the beginning, the students and teachers participated in “Icebreakers” to cooperate and introduce themselves to the other participants. Through icebreakers, the participants comfortably interacted with one another and effectively tried to find solutions based on originality.

During the music lessons, the students were taught how to perform singing. Some students hadn’t been trained the voice performance before. The international performance was created from all the students through the techniques of breathing and vocalizing properly to encourage creativity in the fullest sense (and as a support of the International Day of Music).

The art activities, making the drawing from the shapes, the students were encouraged to use originality and creativity in artistic ways (by adding details created a story or gave each picture a title).

The sports lessons (polka dance) based on the ability to copy the movements and follow the rhythm. In contrast to the drill, they were encouraged to focus on creativity.

QR code game was organised for a team-building while using IT, orienteering in the area, using the map, finding the correct solution through different questions (convergent thinking and problem-based learning), the ability to communicate in different languages and reach conclusion.

SLAM poetry performance in the national languages was performed to show the beauty and the sound of the languages of participated countries and as a support of the Day of Literacy.

All the teachers participated in a job shadowing with their counterparts in the lessons of Biology: Mr. Hans Sturm (laboratory work, how to learn, examine and identify birds), sports: Mr Steven de Munnik (games and collective sport), IT lessons: Mr John Collins (programming), Maths: Ms Shannon Doherty and Mr Ingo Hahn (collaborative work, games and Hajny method, a different approach to mathematics teaching and children’s development to discover mathematics themselves.)

Language lessons were observed by the language teachers (Mrs M del Carmen Rodriguez Bravo, Mr Marcos Brito de Luis and Mrs Sjoukje Cnossen) and other communication among the teachers and students was in the English language. The national languages of other countries were also integrated into the communicative process.

Mr John Mc Guiness, Deputy Principal, had the meeting upon the school management with our headmistress, Mrs Hana Vocelková and the deputy headmistress, Blanka Vidunová.

A culture evening (7th June) was organised for the students, teachers and their parents to promote values and differences of other cultures, to improve understanding of their problems and increase the motivation in speaking foreign languages.

All the techniques and activities were used in contrast to traditional learning by heart, memorization and practice drills. Our main concern was to give the students a chance to learn from the success of creativity. Trying and failing were important parts of the creative process.


During the stay in the Czech Republic, the partners were welcomed by the Lord Mayor and the Town Hall Representatives in the Town Hall on the 4th June 2018. The international cooperation of the European countries was supported, and the statutory authority promised to participate in the celebration of the Day of Music organized by our school on the 7th June 2018. They also shared the public area for the posters promoting The Day of Music.

The Central Bohemian Region and Základní umělecká škola Kladno also participated in the event.

The posters were also edited in the local magazine “Kamelot” in the May and June issues, in the school magazine called “Pětka”, on the school websites and the websites on the etwinning platform. The photos, videos, the interviews and the feedback from the students could be also seen on the websites.

The printed photos and the outcomes from the activities were put on the school noticeboards to show the importance of the project and the Unite Europe.

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